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Short but Sweet! haha =P
israel sunrise

Hey Friends and Family all the way back in Oregon!

I just wanted to let you know a little bit about what we are learning.  On Tuesday's we have a bible study and it is teaching us how to observe and read the bible in a way that you can really digest and understand what the author's are trying to say.  Right now we are studying Philemon.  I don't think I had ever read this book before haha.  It was always one that I would just kind of skip over, sad to say, on my way to Hebrews.  Philemon, however, is actually full of information that I never would have realized before.  It is a letter that Paul has written to Philemon, the church in his house, to Apphia, and to Archippus.  Paul is writing concerning a runaway slave, Onesimus, and asking Philemon to accept Onesimus back as a brother instead of a slave, for he has been saved in and through Christ.  It really is a good book! 
You should read!  It is an interesting little, 25 verse book, that deserves more time than just a quick skim through. 
A part of our assignment that we had to do is write a poem.  It had to be a poem about slavery in the 1st century Roman empire.  I wrote mine from the perspective of a christian slave.  

As A Slave Cries Out

A story of life-of death in the same.
Bought at a price, a bondage in claim.
I call to my God, a lonely lament~
My tears escape, broken and bent.
My suffocating chains, how I long to break free.
Oh sufforing box, corners so sharp; imprisoning me.
My mind they do bind,
Confined! to my masters will.
As sweat streams down-Oh beating sun~
Labors of life; a freedom undone.
Though is freedom really so free, for a slave as me?
My life is a coin, but controlled and determined by he.
Lead me my God, Oh deliver my heart~
My body of obedience, to the master, i am but a part!
My God is my hope, as I will live I will strive.
One day I will buy this life of mine.
Not for wealth, but for this life in itself~
That I will live free and entirely for Thee.

Okay well I'm off to get some work done, or maybe just take a nap =P haha.  Until next time!!



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