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Hearing His Voice
israel sunrise


Today was a good day.  A very busy and tiring day, but a good day nonetheless.  We had our first small group meeting this morning and I am really excited about it.  I have never been consistently part of a small group before because I always felt super uncomfortable every time I went to one.  This, however, was totally different.  I felt completly at ease and was able to say what normally I would never dream of saying out loud.  Sounds kinda silly I know, but it's true!  It was a great way to connect and learn, and just be a part of something that can create a bond and help me to grow and process some of the things in life as well.  I'm glad I get this opportunity to be in a small group here and I really do like it so far, so I know i'm going to be able to gain a lot from it and that's really exciting for me.
Anyways...the rest of my day was jam packed full of things. on one..and then finally, right now, I'm back in my room ready for bed.  I'm glad tomorrow is Friday though because I definitely need to recharge ha. 
So I'm not gonna say much more tonight because I am totally and completely exhausted, but I will leave with one thing.
Today I heard the voice of God.  Like a reconformation of where I am suppose to be.  I have been hearing God whisper to me over the past few years and I know that he has placed me here in Kona now for a reason.  I've had this feeling of something big happening, and I'm not exactly sure what it is yet or exactly how it's gonna happen, but I know it will be revealed to me in the right time.
However, I do know that God is preparing me for something and that I need to keep an open mind and an open heart, and really listen to what he has to say; where he is directing me and what path he wants me to take. 
I ran across a passage a couple years ago, and since then I keep coming across it.  Over and over and over again it keeps popping up and I believe that it is a key point for my life and God's voice telling me where he may be leading me and what he is preparing me for and slowly guiding me to. 
All I know is that I'm going to keep praying about it, and I know that in the right time God will reveal all the pieces of the puzzle that he has for my life.
Okay I'm going to bed now before I fall alseep.  So hopefully I made sense tonight and I know there are probly tons of spelling errors and a few sentences that don't quite flow.  But hey what can I say, at least I wrote, write? haha.  Alright.


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