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Lap Harps and Sunshine

I woke up today at 7--good right--and I had my breakfast, still have to make my was sunny. Finally. It's been so off and on, but that's the way of May around here I suppose.  Anyways with a smile spread across my face and with an added spring to my step, saying "yippee" inside my head, my day was looking to be off to a wonderful start.  Unfortunately my key word is was, because now when I look out my window it seems to be getting darker. The day decided to change its mind and become a gloomy mess like the last two days.  I'm not complaining, but if it stays like this I hope in storms, because just rain and clouds are too much like going into winter...and we already had that.  So as long as it doesn't get too close, bring on the thunder and lightning.  Or sun.  It's still early and I'm sure the sun will give a fair fight to keep into exposure in the sky today! the weather haha.  Wow it wasn't intentional to write so much on so little.  But at least now I have gotten the thought of it off my mind.
Okay new with me.  Now this is exciting!!! Well. For my B-day, which is coming up in June, I have purchased and ordered--on its way-- a Sharpsicle.  What's a Sharpsicle you may ask?  It is a lap Harp.  Much smaller, much cheaper and much lighter than a Harp.  It's only the first grade up with very few levers, but it's a start and will be great to practice on until I get better.  Then I can save up for a Celtic Lever Harp.  Yay!!!  At least I am very excited about it.  Does anyone play the harp???  It doesn't seem--necessarily--like a popular choice to least where I live I don't know anybody who plays.  My first experience of hearing a harp was from Skydancers...the animated show I used to watch when I was little haha.  Other than that I've only occasionally heard them in a movie or TV show or read about them in a book.  So I can't wait to actually get my hands on it and learn to play!!!  
Here's a picture of my beautiful new lap Harp :)


33" tall 26 strings and only 4lbs.  Perfect for me, for now.  Alright well I better go so I can start my day.  I don't wanna stay in bed forever...not that I could if I wanted because I am off to Jacksonville.  So until next time--Which will be sooner rather than later--I bid you adieu and say good day.  For the sun is shining once again!
Song- Bloodstream by: Stateless
Book- Fallen by Lauren Kate

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