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My Chemical Romance and Vampire Diaries

I had a very intense midterm assignment I had to do for my motion pictures class.  One section of it was to pick a music video from one of your favorite artists and basically describe how it's like a "mini musical."  If it has a lift, why they put it together the way they did, how they used the video to enhance the song and the lyrics and the meaning behind them etc. 
Anyways, this is the one I picked.  It's called The Ghost of You by My Chemical Romance.  I thought I'd share it on here cause well, I thought it was amazing.  It was made so well, especially for just being a 3 1/2 min. long music video.  It really told a story and pulled you in--tugged at you emotionally--as if it were part of a full length movie.  I absolutely love MCR so I just thought I'd let it be known I guess haha. 
I went to their concert April of ' concert I've ever been to by the way.  I want them to tour again around here so bad so I can go again.  It was amazing!!!!

Well I am exhausted so I’m off to bed.  Praying for sun tomorrow and a bright, cheerful day.  Gerard Way has amazing facial expressions. Vampire Diaries was soooo good tonight...I’m dying with anticipation for the last two to come.  Damon is--well I love Damon what more can I say--but the episode tonight was wonderfully satisfying!!!  I can't wait for my coffee in the morning.  My Hot Tamales are calling out to me. Okay I'm going to sleep. Goodnight World!!


Music- Ugly Side by: Blue October


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